Leggy Lana Cox

I took a trip with my husband to the stables to see my horses and while he was busy with the manager,I went to see how my horses were being kept.Well,in all honesty I was more interested in seeing the new stables boy.

I'm used to getting what I want,so I've turned up wearing just lingerie,stockings and high heels.I've put my big coat on top to cover it all,so my husband woudn't suspect anything.I found the stables boy sleeping on the job and woke him up.I bet he thought he was still dreaming when I opened my coat!

I got him to sit next to me and put my stockinged feet on his crotch, gently rubbing it.I could see he was enjoying it,even though he was nervous that my husband might walk in on us at any time.I didn't care,and soon got his throbbing cock deep inside my mouth

I took the cowboy hat from him as a souvenier and kept the hot cum under my coat on the way back home with my husband...

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